Thursday, February 26, 2015

All Of Them

Me: 0 Them: 178624905

These people are those I take care of day-in and day-out.  There are 3 littles and one BIG little.

Doug.  The Big little of my home (THE MAN).

Honestly, Doug deserves his own post.  There's a lot to him.  We met in 7th grade when I moved to Michigan.  Not formally... We were 12.  We never hung out, were never friends or had class together.. FOR 5 YEARS!!  Truth be told, I was not smart enough to be in advanced classes with him.  So our paths happened to cross 5 years after high school and we spent a lot of time together then I moved in with him and now I'm just waiting for a freakin engagement ring!

Trinity. My eldest little.

Firecracker, Vanilla, Rain, SpongeBob, Hair, Skirts, Attitude, Ponies, Unicorns, School, CATS, Makeup, Jewelry, Money, Busy, Toys, Sissy, Daughter, Friend.

Dakota. My middle little.

Cars, THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, Tractors, Toys, Phones, Busy, Naughty, Sweet, Bananas, Brother, Independent, Potty, Clothes, Messy, Hotdogs, Juice, Balls, Zoey, Rain.

Isabelle. My littlest little.

Tiny, Clothes, Toys, Guitar, Blankets, Naps, Hair, Noisy, Diapers, Kisses, Cuddles, Bed.

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